How to Halloween Hard as a Grownup


Grownups have a really hard time letting their hair down.

It can seem dang near impossible to put responsibility on hold for a minute and fully enjoy life. To simply be silly and do something only for the sake of wanting to do it.

Yet too much time spent all knotted up with serious face will lead to anxiety and depression.

I see Halloween as the perfect opportunity to combat that. To play pretend, step outside your comfort zone, and let your freak flag fly.

Doing this allows you to relax, not take things so seriously, and have some good laughs, all of which are super helpful for your mood.

So for those of you grownups who’ve forgotten how to Halloween here are some spooky, cute, and silly ways to celebrate:

Haunted House

Haunted hayride. Haunted bathroom. What?! If you’re into getting scared hit the closest one up. In small doses fear can actually be a positive thing as it can get your adrenaline pumping. Adrenaline makes you feel alive, gives you a boost of energy, which helps your mood and life satisfaction overall.

Scary Movie Night

Even if all you can handle is the movie “Scary Movie,” get some friends together. You don't want to try this one on your own.  Full disclosure, I tried this once and thought my neighbor was a murderer out to get me. Haven’t tried that one since. Again, this promotes an adrenaline rush, which makes life more exciting and fulfilling.


Whether you’re into scary or cute, Halloween decorations run the gamut. Even just some basic pumpkins can get you in the mood. And bonus, you can turn them into soup later! Or bread. Or muffins. I might be hungry. A tip if you’re low on dough, dollar stores actually tend to have some quality items that can be saved and reused year after year.

Play Dress Up

Get yourself a costume. It’s just as much fun as an adult. Maybe even more because you can be anything you want. Buy a costume. Make a costume. If you must go sexy do it but please, please, please at least get creative with it. This is your opportunity be anyone or anything you want. Think outside of the box. Be “outside of the box,” whatever that looks like. You will totally regret it if you are just another sexy nurse.   

Pass Out Candy

Or apples. Or toothbrushes if you’re really lame. It’s always fun to witness the excitement and joy on those little ones’ faces. And a good excuse to eat some mini candy bars and weird fruit flavored chews.

Carve Pumpkins

They can be scary Jack-o-lanterns or super adorable takes on the latest memes. Or paint them if getting gooey insides all over you isn’t your thing. Or… whatever else you can do to pumpkins. I’m sure there are many creative ideas out there. And because I'm still hungry, you can also roast the seeds and sprinkle a little salt on them for a delicious snack. 

Have A Party

Combine as many of the above ideas as you want. Or incorporate your own. Invite some friends over. Bob for apples (I left that one off.). Get some dry ice. When I was in 4th grade my mom threw my friends and I an epic bash that people still talk about years later (We won’t go into how many.). To this day I still love hosting and going to as many Halloween  parties as I can possibly cram into Halloween season.

So grownups, get on out there! Put the bills in a drawer (Unfortunately they aren’t going anywhere fast.). Hide the protein powder. Turn off your phone. Instead put a wig on. Buy some candy. Paint your face. Laugh and scream with joy. Your inner child will thank you and I bet your stress level go down.