What to Do This Earth Day 2019

Not Earth Day at Seattle’s Gas Works Park, but how I imagine it would look during an Earth Day celebration.

Not Earth Day at Seattle’s Gas Works Park, but how I imagine it would look during an Earth Day celebration.

Of course, every day is technically earth day since we’re living on this spinning planet every single day, but since we human beings like celebrations Monday, April 22nd is officially Earth Day!

Last year I provided a guide to Los Angeles Earth Day celebrations since that’s where I live. A lot of this has changed (For example Grand Park already had their earth day celebration.) so here’s 2019’s updated guide, as well as some links to other city’s earth day celebrations.

The Santa Monica pier has an aquarium as I just learned and they also have a Heal the Bay Earth Day celebration tomorrow, April 20th. There will be story time, a live animal presentation, a wildlife station, bird identification, face painting, crafts station, and short films. Even if you don’t have kids it sounds like a good time.

Heal the Bay is also hosting a beach cleanup at the same time just north of the pier, but they’re out of supplies so bring your own gloves and bags if you want to help out. And if you need an adult beverage afterwards, head on over to Venice for a sustainable art pop up sponsored by my new earth day heroes (Because apparently no one else is down to have a good time celebrating Mother Earth in this city tomorrow.), Heal the Bay, and Golden Road Brewing, and local artists.

A clean beach

A clean beach

Another Amazing environmental organization, the Sierra Club, which I’m a bit biased toward as a volunteer for them, has some Earth Day options for tomorrow as well. This includes a hike to Muir Peak tomorrow starting at 8:45am and the city of Watts 2nd annual Earth Day celebration, again with free food, fun demonstrations, and freaking face painting!

And the LA Sanitation department is celebrating next Saturday, April 27th at Woodley Park in Van Nuys, CA. There will be free food, drink, and giveaways (while they last), as well as games, prizes, seeds to plant, and a ton of other fun. All exhibits are all related to City services and sustainability.

So that’s that for LA. Google if you want to see if there’s anything else. I grew frustrated with the lack of immediate responses myself so I’m leaving it up to you.

For the rest of the United States and world:







Las Vegas

New York




San Diego

San Francisco


St. Louis

Washington, D.C.

Rest of the U.S. and world I left off, I apologize, but there are millions of cities around the world, no one has that much time, and you know how to find events if you really want to. Earthday.org may also have some suggestions so check them out.

Or create your own. Pick up some trash, upcycle something you already own, donate to an environmental organization, write your representatives, the possibilities are endless.

Happy partying for the Earth people!