On How to Hygge Spring

Spring flowers are the perfect hygge

Spring flowers are the perfect hygge

It’s been spring for over a month now, but I haven’t talked about how I’m hygge-ing it this season like I did with my fall hygge and winter hygge. Also, I have no idea if I’m even using this word in its proper form, but I love how it sounds. So there.

And even though hygge mostly exists as a way to survive the gloom of colder months, I’m still obsessed with the concept and think spring offers plenty of opportunities to hygge (Aka feel contentment, joy, and connection.).

Let the Light In

It’s sunny again! And the skies are blue. Open those curtains and let it shine into your home. While you’re at it also open your windows and let some fresh air in. It does a body (and a home) good.

Listen to the Birds

I’m not a bird watcher per say, although I revel in their beauty when they present themselves. But I do really enjoy their songs. There’s something renewing in their singing. As I write this I’m enjoying a symphony without having to turn on any electronics.

A baseball game is a great way to experience hygge in the spring

A baseball game is a great way to experience hygge in the spring

Get Outdoors

You just knew I was going to say that. And I probably don’t even have to. Spring seems to naturally motivate even the biggest couch potato to roll around in some grass. I remember in college (in Michigan), as soon as the snow melted and it hit 50 degrees, shorts were donned and every grassy spot became Coachella until finals week. Go for walks, hikes, runs, bike rides. Have a picnic. Smell some fresh blooming flowers. Marvel in the tiny green buds popping up on tree branches. There’s only so much solid non-snow outdoor time so make good use of it.

Move Your Body

Use your newfound energy to your advantage and get moving. You can do all the outdoors stuff mentioned above. Or join a sports team. You don’t have to have any talent. There are plenty of rec leagues that welcome all levels of talent.

Plant Your Garden

If that’s your thing. Now is the time to prepare for the bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables you can eat all summer. As well as beautiful seasonal flowers to enjoy. If it isn’t your thing enjoy looking at others’ gardens because they’re pretty and life-affirming.

Keukenhof Garden right outside Amsterdam is spring hygge at its finest

Keukenhof Garden right outside Amsterdam is spring hygge at its finest

Spring Clean

I’m of the mindset that cleaning, clearing clutter, and minimalizing should be ongoing, but people like their spring cleaning. So if something isn’t bringing you joy or you don’t absolutely need it (My last 7years of tax forms aren’t bringing me joy, but they say you have to keep them so I do.) remove it from your life. You’ll feel lighter and more refreshed. Nothing says spring more than that.

Wear Lighter Clothing

Less clothing is so freeing. The fact that you aren’t wearing a bunch of heavy layers also leads to a psychological lightness. It’s easier to move. You don’t have to plan as much around clothing so you have more time. Your closet suddenly has more space.

Fall in Love

Spring seems like a good time to fall in love. We’re more naturally joyous and grateful thanks to the replenishing Vitamin D we’re finally getting. This boosts all those love hormones. But I don’t just mean fall into romantic love. Not that I’m against it. Who can hate on any kind of love? Just also fall in love in general, with yourself, with all those baby animals, with everyone and everything around you, with our planet and universe, however micro or macro you want to get with it. Nurture a new hobby or self-care ritual. Practice some gratitude. Be present. Spend time with loved ones and make new friends while you have the inspiration to do it. Feel the love and you’ll get bunches in return.

Spring is the perfect recovery period from winter’s hibernation. Use this newfound energy to your advantage. Rejuvenate. Reconnect. Take action on all the self-reflection of the winter. It’s a season of rebirth so begin again.