Why Everyone Should Run a Marathon

I'm in the middle of training for my first marathon in many years, following a pretty gnarly knee surgery a little over a year ago. As I train I’m reminded again of why I fell in love with this challenge in the first place and why I believe everyone should run at least one in their lifetime.

How to Actually Help

Most people are deep down genuinely good human beings, who at the very least want to be there to help their loved ones when they’re most in need. Done in the right manner this is a noble effort and something that is helpful in maintaining healthy relationships. The problem is many of you aren’t helping in a way that’s well received.

Benefits of Mindfulness

After I wrote an article about incorporating mindfulness into everyday life the comment I kept getting was, “Okay, thanks but why should I do it?” The Reader’s Digest answer: Because it makes everything better. For those who are looking for more specific benefits here's a sampling of the everything (with scientific research to back it up for you fact checkers):

How to Follow Your Heart

“Follow your heart,” is often what I tell clients (or anyone really) when I don’t know what else to say. We’ve already been through the frustrated, tearful pleas for help. “What should I do? Please just tell me!” We’ve exhausted as many possibilities as we can come up with and what’s left of any patience. So what’s left is “follow your heart.” “But how do I do that?”

The Olympic Spirit

As the Olympics came to a close I reflected on the captivation it holds for so many of us in every corner of the world. Every couple of years we tune in to witness extraordinary feats of the human body. We marvel at the Michael Phelps. We delight in the tiny gymnasts flying through the air higher than anyone in the NBA. Our mouths drop watching Usain Bolt “jog” to the finish line as the world’s fastest.