Mindful Monday: Acceptance

Ahhh… now this is what acceptance looks like.

Ahhh… now this is what acceptance looks like.

Mindful Monday. On a Tuesday. Yep.

Yesterday I had zero time to write a blog post. Between a heavily booked day and some unforeseen, urgent matters, I wasn’t left with a spare moment. And I hadn’t prepared for that by writing one in advance. Someday I’ll be better about that.

But it isn’t someday and since my goal is to publish one post on Monday and one on Friday, I wasn’t stoked on this. Yet, there wasn’t anything I could do about it. I can’t cancel clients last minute for something like this. And I can’t write while driving… Wait a sec, I could probably voice dictate something, but that didn’t occur to me. So I was left with the only thing I could do…

Accept that I wouldn’t write a blog post yesterday.

So I didn’t.

Instead I practiced acceptance of what was.

That included my thoughts. “Well, there I go again, not getting a post out on Monday… But I usually do, so it’s okay… You can’t use that as an excuse… No one reads them anyway… But someone might. And you can’t use that as an excuse either… You need to be more on top of things… Prepare in advance lady!” You get the idea.

It included my emotions. Mostly frustration. Some regret.

The situation as a whole. It was what it was. There really was nothing I could do about it. And I had a lot of clients to see so I had to be present for them. It was probably helpful that there wasn’t room for my own stuff.

Surprise, surprise, acceptance helped. I felt better and it allowed me the space to decide how to move forward. Which was to write this blog post today. On a Tuesday. We need mindfulness every day. It’s just that Mindful Monday alliterates and I’m quite enjoy alliteration.

So that is acceptance. At least yesterday. In this particular situation. Acceptance is something that I practice (or should practice) in too many moments to count. And it looks different every single time. For instance, I’m currently accepting today’s time constraints so this is short and only has one photo. Enjoy the words, folks!