On Creating Your Own Luck

13 Ain’t Nothing but a Number

13 Ain’t Nothing but a Number

It’s Friday the 13th! The exclamation point is a happy exclamation point as I have a love affair with Friday the 13th. I don’t look at it as a day of bad luck at all. It’s more like an interlude between Halloweens. Unfortunately without the costumes, candy, and parties, but I still enjoy the mysterious and unexplainable and some good ol’ fashioned getting the crap scared out of me. This day has evolved into a small holiday for myself and some friends who share similar interests. We often “celebrate” by watching scary movies. Tonight it’s going to be “It Chapter 2.” I’ve never actually made it completely through Chapter 1 (book, old movie, or new movie) and someone already ruined the ending of this one for me, but I’m still doing it.

I obviously don’t worry about the bad luck of this day. I don’t really worry about bad luck at all. I’ll cross the paths of black cats. I’ll walk under ladders. Watch me shatter a mirror. I don’t care. It’s not that I don’t wonder if I’ve fallen into a bit of bad luck at times, but I never associate it with any particular day or superstition. The same with good luck. I don’t hold much out for any particular rituals that are supposed to create good luck. 

Because I truly believe we make our own luck. Or at least we contribute to it. Some things are simply out of our control. But nothing is ever completely out of our control. So if you’re worried about any potential bad luck out there today or just want some ways to create your own luck in the future, here’s what I’ve got:

This can’t isn’t worried about any bad luck.

This can’t isn’t worried about any bad luck.


I know, I know. I made it sound like I don’t believe in rituals. That’s not exactly true. What I don’t believe in is superstition. That any particular ritual always creates a certain outcome for all people is completely unfounded. However, I do think there is something to finding or creating a ritual to set a positive intention for your life that leads to positive outcomes. 

Religious rituals serves this purpose for a lot of people. Yet you don’t have to be religious to incorporate ritual into your life. There’s a reason morning and night routines are the talk of the town. The act of doing a combination of activities to pump yourself up or calm yourself down sets the intention to conquer the day or call it a day. Whether it’s yoga, meditation, and journaling or gym, tan, laundry people like their routines. 

Athletes have rituals they do right before a game, throw a pitch, or take a free throw. This puts them into a mindset of “I’m going to do the absolute best I can in this moment.” Also, not only athletes, but also dancers, musicians, artists, CEOS. We all probably have rituals that we use without even realizing it.

Essentially rituals create mindfulness. They put you in the moment and allow you to be intentional about what you’d like to create. So create a ritual dang it!


Connecting with others creates opportunity. When we know someone who knows something we don’t or someone we don’t, it becomes easier for us to know that too. The whole “It’s all about who you know” has gotten a bad rap. Even though it isn’t actually a bad thing. People want to know they can trust someone and they can only trust you if they know you. 

You won’t worry about a ladder if you have good people in your life.

You won’t worry about a ladder if you have good people in your life.

So get to know people. Step outside your comfort zone and chat with someone new at a party or bus stop. Also, keep in touch with old friends and colleagues too because it’s the long lasting, strong bonds that are both meaningful and helpful. 

And to take it a step further, help others too. Share your time, money, and abilities. People generally want to help people who’ve helped them. If you help a friend move, chances are higher that they’ll lend a hand when you need that. Many people have gotten their dream jobs from volunteering. Just make sure you do it for the right reasons, from your heart. People totally know when you’re doing something you don’t want to be doing or just to get something and that will backfire. 


As much as ritual and routine can expedite luck, so can varying your routine. Try out new things and mix it up. Take a different route to work. Bicycle instead of drive. Take a new exercise or art class. Go to a different restaurant or bar. Travel somewhere you’ve never been. Exploring creates new insights and perspectives. It’s also invigorating and inspiring to learn and experience new things. And luck seems to find those who are feeling the good feels. 


Perhaps the absolute most important thing in creating your own luck is believing in and expecting it. By doing that you remain open to potential opportunities that cross your path. If you’re constantly thinking thoughts like, “Man, nothing good ever happens to me,” it’s difficult to see when something good shows up in your life. Our thoughts filter what we experience. You don’t necessarily have to completely flip the script and start thinking, “I’m the luckiest human being on this planet!” Especially if you really don’t think that because your B.S. radar is going to shut that down real quick.

Sometimes luck is simply in appreciating the beauty of a 4 leaf clover.

Sometimes luck is simply in appreciating the beauty of a 4 leaf clover.

But being mindful and present to what is actually happening rather than living in your head can make a huge difference. When you’re aware of what’s actually going on around and within you without getting stuck in any of it, you more easily recognize opportunity.


Then, when you encounter that opportunity make sure to jump right on top of it! Don’t hesitate. Don’t second guess yourself. Or your worthiness of it. Take that opportunity. Because if you don’t the opportunity will disappear and maybe never return. Someone else will take advantage of it and then you’ll be right back to thinking, “Nothing good ever happens to me.” Man, something good just did happen to you and you said eff you to the universe!  


When we do get lucky make sure give thanks for that. Really appreciate the heck out of it. Heck, appreciate all you’re given even if you aren’t sure if it’s lucky because gratitude begets more luck. I’m not a religious practitioner, but I love the ritual of saying grace before meals. It recognizes the true blessings in even the seemingly small things. A delicious meal or any food at all is luck to those who are hungry or starving. We all experience far more luck and goodness than we even realize and giving thanks helps us to realize it. Which creates more opportunities for luck.

So folks, have no fear today, this Friday the 13th, because you get to create your own luck. If you have to do that by hiding out for the day by all means do what you’ve got to do. But when you emerge tomorrow on Saturday, the 14th, get moving. And perhaps soon you’ll start looking at these bad luck days or events differently.