On Hygge: The Fall 2019 Edition

Aw yeah, it’s finally autumn!!! Or fall. Whatever you wanna call it. The three exclamation points shows how supremely excited I am for my favorite season. It hasn’t quite felt like autumn here and we had a cooler summer than the last couple years so who knows if that’s over. Sometimes hot weather can last well into October. So it’s all very confusing. Nonetheless, I’m determined to start embracing it immediately. 

Self-Care When There's No Time to Care

I started this post a couple days ago typing it on my phone while scarfing down a breakfast burrito at 1pm in the afternoon. I had (and still have) this desire to write a brilliant blog post that will inspire Oprah to call me up and the rest will be history. Yet all I’'ve been able to think about all week is that I don't have time to eat, much less write anything of real substance.