Career Coaching for High Achievers and Creative People

In your career, you’ve worked hard to get where you are. The problem is, it doesn’t feel right. If you’re a high achiever, maybe you feel like there’s always something more that you just can’t reach. The work you’re doing can be unfulfilling, and it may feel like it’s taking over your life.

Creative people stuck in careers that have turned out to be much different than they expected struggle with different issues. If you find yourself feeling stifled and far away from being able to express the creativity that led you to choose your career in the first place, coaching can help.

While coaching is typically for mentally healthy people who just feel stuck or stagnant in their lives, a licensed therapist can provide professional support to help you make big changes and reach your goals. Amanda Stemen, MS, LCSW, incorporates creative activities and mindfulness into career coaching sessions in order to help you reconnect with your passion and find purpose in your work.

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