Our environment greatly affects our well-being. Since many people have concerns related to their careers and places of employment, I offer consultation and collaboration with businesses, non-profits, and other organizations seeking to develop a more innovative, nurturing, and fulfilling work environment.

This may include:

  • Assessment of current work culture
  • Exploration of desired work culture
  • Development of a site specific plan to address concerns and attain desired goals
  • Facilitation of an already developed team building and/or educational program
  • Motivational and educational speaking engagements

With my background in both recreation and group dynamics, I offer a unique perspective that bridges the divide between “work” and “play” and demonstrates that enjoyment of one’s job leads to higher productivity, creative solutions, and satisfaction, as well as reduced employee turnover. The work place can be as full of passion, creativity, and fulfillment as other areas of one’s life and I strive to assist others in reaching this goal.