Having trouble making friends? Or keeping friends? It's difficult to maintain a romantic relationship? Just want to be able to go out into public without the fear of ridicule? If any of this rings true for you social skills coaching might be just what you need.

Why a fulfilling social life is so important.

Because human connection is vital to our well-being. If infants and children don't receive enough physical affection they suffer from severe developmental issues. As adults it’s just as important to have meaningful connections with others. It boosts your mood, enhances mental functioning, allows you to understand yourself and others, can lead to success in other areas of life (networking is important for a reason), decreases stress, improves physical health, and leads to a longer life.

How I Can Help!

I'm ridiculously good at making friends. With anyone anywhere. I’m not kidding. In bathrooms, at restaurants, on public transportation. This has led to a very fulfilling social life and strong support system for myself but I recognize that isn’t the case for everyone. While it may seem like that isn’t something everyone can have, in reality social intelligence is something that can be learned and developed. Many people simply lack the confidence or knowledge of how to engage with others in one or more social interactions. So that’s where I step in.


Social Skills Coaching Helps With:

  • Meeting new people. Maybe you’d like more friends or know you need a new crew but the last time you made a friend was after five minutes of digging in the sand box and one of you asked, “Wanna be friends?” I promise it can still be almost that easy.
  • Developing friendships. You already know some cool dudes and dudettes but can’t quite call them pals. We’ll work on that.
  • Deepening already existing connections. You have friends, family, perhaps a significant other but there’s still something lacking. Not all hope is lost. Existing relationships can certainly be improved.
  • Dating. You’re already sweating just hearing that one word. It doesn’t have to be as scary as it’s made out to be and I can show you how.
  • Maintaining fulfilling romantic relationships. Tricky yes if you look at the divorce rate but we’re not going to. Instead we’ll look at relationships from a very different point of view, figure out what works for you, and learn what it really takes for success.
  • Exploration of introversion vs. extroversion. Being the life of the party isn’t everyone’s thing nor does it have to be. However, being an introvert doesn’t mean you’re doomed to a social life that sucks.


How It Works:

Session One: Completion of a social life assessment to determine where you’re at currently and explore what a more fulfilling social life looks like to you.

Session Two: Identification what’s getting in the way of your ideal social life and what might help in moving forward.

Session Three: Development of a plan of action to get from where you are currently to your ideal social life.

Session 4+: Execution of plan with desired amount of support.


Examples of Coaching Tools and Support:

  • Weekly check-ins and/or sessions
  • Looking at your mental blocks and challenging them to create more helpful thoughts and beliefs
  • Creation and dismantilization of fear hierarchies
  • Development of confidence and authenticity
  • Effective communication skills
  • Evaluation of current relationships
  • Role playing in session
  • Social media/electronic communication concerns (e.g. online dating profiles, texting, phone calls, voicemails)
  • Family, friends, or couples sessions
  • Phone/text coaching before, during, after specific social experiences
  • Practice new social skills with coach in real life situations. I’m a great wing woman!